Beiter scopes

Beiter Scopes Ø39 & Ø29 with new colours!

The Beiter Scopes diam. 29 as well as the diam. 39 are now available in two new colours: Blue and Silver! The reknown Beiter Scopes are not only the lightest on the market, they are also the most versatile.

Beiter Bow wrench

Beiter Bow Wrench by WIHA

The Beiter Bow Wrench has been developed especially for archers by Werner Beiter together with the leading German Tool Company WIHA. The base for the Beiter Bow Wrench is the unique WIHA Pocketstar, with its unique featuers. Other - archery specific - highlights can be found on the dedicated page.

Ki Bo Bae winner in Odense with Beiter Nocks and Plunger, Beiter Sight Tunnel and Klicker

All Winners of the WA World Cup Final in Odense using Beiter Nocks

Beiter Nocks on all arrows of the Winners! Beiter Out-Nocks in Custom Pink for Ki Bo-Bae, Beiter In-Out Nocks for Brady Ellison and Beiter Pin-Nocks for Marcella Tonioli and Mike Schlösser.

Beiter plunger

Beiter: Plunger - Rest - Klicker: this is what your handle needs!

We know, that we produce the best possible accessories for their arrows and for their bow: these accessories are holding and guiding the arrow in the best possible way. More details on the product pages: Beiter Plunger, Beiter Rest for Recurve, Beiter Klicker.

Mix Haxholm - Beiter Armschutz - Armguard

Beiter Armguard meets Style and Fashion

The wonderful Mix Haxholm, former Miss Thailand and avid archer, presents the Beiter Armguard-Necklace. Well... the Beiter Armguard has to be used in another way! To get more details on the two available models - Standard and Soft - please visit the specific webpages.

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Precision moulded plastic parts

Werner Beiter owns several national and international patents in different branches, for example watch industry, medicine technique, fine mechanics and electronics, which he still produces along with his archery accessories...
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Beiter Kunststoff


The Beiter Hit-Miss System is a completely new concept in archery. Developed by Werner Beiter over 15 years, it offers the archer a different type of aiming, shooting and scoring compared to existing systems ...
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Beiter Hit-Miss